Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Specifications

(आफ्नो स्वामित्वमा रहेको घरजग्गा¸ शेयर आदी विक्री गर्न वा अरुको स्वामित्वमा रहेको सम्पत्ती आफ्नो नाममा नामसारी गरी लिने वा अन्य कानूनी काम कारबाहीका लागि दिइने वारेशनामा प्रमाणीत गराउने प्रक्रिया)


Nepalese nationals requesting for certification of the Power of Attorney (PoA) should come in person with an advance appointment with the Head of the Mission (Ambassador) at the Embassy and bring the followings and affix fingerprints and sign before the Head of the Mission.


  1. Duly prepared two copies of original documents with PoA receiver’s photograph affixed in each copy including the thumb print and signed by the PoA receiver on the Power of Attorney. ( PoA must be written in Nepali paper that is used at the courts of law in Nepal and be prepared/signed by a registered legal practitioner in accordance with the format (including registration number of a legal practitioner, thumb print and signature of two Nepali citizens as witnesses and copies of their citizenship certificates)prescribed by (National Civil Procedure (Code) Act, 2017))
  2. .

  3. An application (no format) with two photographs of applicant (PoA giver) and person on whom the authority is being conferred (PoA receiver)
  4. Original Citizenship Certificate/Passport or its attested copy of the applicant and original citizenship certificate or attested copy of Citizenship Certificate of the person on whom the authority is being conferred.
  5. Applicants intending to sell land or other properties registered in their name by giving PoA should submit the original or attested copy of Land Ownership Certificate ( Dhani Purja or Lal Purja)
  6. A fee of Rand 2000.00 should be paid by a bank card at the Account Section of the Embassy or the same amount can be deposited to the Embassy’s following Bank Account:


Revenue Account of Embassy of Nepal, South Africa: Banking details as follows:

Account holder: Embassy of Nepal in South Africa

Account No: 622 720 43961

Bank: First National Bank (FNB) South Africa

Branch: Brooklyn, Pretoria

Branch Code: 251 345


Amount: As designated for specified/requested service/document

Reference: Applicant’s name, surname & purpose of fee

Embassy of Nepal Contact: eonpretoria@mofa.gov.np,

Tel: +27 (0)12 3427546