Information on Visa to Travel to Nepal

A) Tourist Visa

All foreigners, except Indian nationals, must obtain visa to enter into Nepal.

All nationals of foreign countries (except Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, Eswatini, Syria, Zimbabwe, and refugees with travel documents) get visa on-arrival at the port of entry in Nepal. The nationals of abovementioned countries are advised to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) at Nepali embassies or missions abroad prior to their travel to Nepal.

The foreign nationals eligible for visa on-arrival are also encouraged to apply for ETA at Nepali missions abroad to expedite the immigration procedures at the port of entry in Nepal for their smooth and convenient travel.

Information on Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

1. What is ETA?
-Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an automated system implemented to facilitate the travel process for eligible foreign travellers. It serves as an electronic travel authorization document that allows travellers to enter Nepal for a specified period and purpose, typically for tourism, business, or transit.
The ETA process involves submitting an online application through the designated government website. Travellers are required to provide personal information, passport details, travel itinerary and other relevant details as part of the application. The information provided is then screened and verified by the authorities to determine the eligibility of the applicant.
Upon approval, the ETA is electronically linked to the travellers’ passport. It serves as proof of authorization to enter the country and may need to be presented to immigration officials upon arrival. The ETA typically has a validity period and may allow multiple entries within that period, depending on the immigration regulations of Nepal.

2. Is the ETA mandatory to enter the country?
-For countries eligible for visa on-arrival, having an ETA is not mandatory. However, if a traveller possesses an ETA, the visa issuance process at the immigration desk will be expedited, providing a much-needed convenience to the traveller.

3. How can I get ETA?
• A traveller can apply using the website:

• Select the desired Embassy/Consulate/Mission to which you apply for an ETA.
• The traveller can apply for 15/30/90 days using the system.
• The Embassy/Consulate/Mission verifies the ETA application and the traveller needs to pay for ETA.
• The Embassy/Consulate/Mission approves the ETA. Upon approval, the ETA is electronically linked to the traveller’s passport.
• Printed ETA certificate is handed to the traveller.

4. Is it a visa?
-No, it is not a visa. It is an Electronic Travel Authorization that will be converted into a visa upon arrival at any airport or landport.

5. How is ETA converted into a visa?
-Upon arrival, the traveller should present his/her passport at an immigration desk. The passport will be scanned into a computer system. The computer system will verify the passport information against its ETA data stored within it. Once the computer system recognizes the ETA, the corresponding visa will be generated.

6. What should be done, if the ETA document is lost?
-The traveller also has the option to submit an electronic copy of the ETA at the immigration desk. Alternatively, they can submit the passport that was used for the ETA application.

7. What is the validity of ETA?
-Validity of an ETA is up to 6 months from date of approval.

8. What should be done, if an ETA expires?
-The traveller should apply for the next ETA, if it expires before arrival to a port of the country.

Furthermore, visitors can apply for ETA at this Embassy from Monday to Friday between 10:00 to 13:00 hours except on public holidays or may obtain ETA electronically after submitting all documents through the online application processes.

Visitors can also get visa on-arrival at the port of entry in Nepal upon submission of all the necessary documents and fees.
ETA or visa, once issued, cannot be withdrawn and visa fees are not refunded. It must be used within six months from the date of issue or approval.

Documents required for ETA

-Online application through (

– well-scanned copies of passport (data and Next of Kin page) with a minimum of 6 months validity and at least two blank pages
-Two-way air-tickets
-Travel Insurance
-proof of payment (visa fees transfer to the Embassy’s following account) only after a notification of acceptance of visa application

Embassy’s Account details:

Account holder: Embassy of Nepal in South Africa
Bank: First National Bank (FNB) South Africa
Branch: Brooklyn, Pretoria
Branch Code: 251 345
Account No: 622 720 43961
Account Type: Cheque
Amount: ZAR (As designated for specified/requested service/document)
Reference: Applicant’s name & purpose of fee

Visa Fees
Visa duration and Fees (South African Rand)
15 days multiple entry: 600/-
30 days multiple entry: 1000/-
90 days multiple entry: 2500/-

Visa Extension
Tourists can stay in Nepal for a maximum of 150 days in a visa year (1 January to December-end). A tourist visa can be extended up to 120 days from the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu and Pokhara Immigration Office on request. Thereafter, an additional 30 days can be extended from the Department of Immigration ensuring that tourist visa cannot be extended more than 150 days in a visa year.

Mode of Payment
Applicants applying for ETA from distant places or provinces of South Africa or outside South Africa are advised to send/email a proof of payment following the transfer of visa fees to the following Embassy’s account. Applicants presenting at the Embassy can pay in cash only.

B) Gratis (Free) Visa
• Gratis Visa Eligibility:
Children below the age of 10 years are exempt from visa fees but need to have visa;
• Dependants up to the age of 16 years, holding foreign passports of Nepali parents or either of their parent being a Nepali citizen;
• Citizen of Nepali origin, after having obtained passport for the first time from a Nepal-based foreign mission, until the period of his departure to a foreign country;
• Citizens of other member countries of South Asian association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC);
• For first visit in one visa year (January to December), gratis visa for 30 days is granted only for nationals of South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka if they are not entering into Nepal from a third country. However, visa can be extended from the Immigration Department
• Indian nationals do not require visa to enter into Nepal.

Documents required for visa:
– Duly filled in visa application form
– Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity
– Two recent passport size colour photographs
– Visa fee (either cash or proof of payment through bank transfer)

C) Diplomatic Visa

Eligibility: Diplomatic Passport holders and their family members
Diplomatic visa is issued by the Embassy free of charge upon receipt of the official request through a Note/letter from the respective Foreign Ministry/Department of International Relations/Mission along with the original and copy of the passport, a copy of duly filled-in visa application form with two recent passport size photographs.

D) Official Visa

The Embassy also issues Official visas free of charge upon receipt of the official request through a Note/letter from the concerned the respective Foreign Ministry/Department of International Relations/Mission along with original passport, duly filled-in application form with two recent passport size photographs. The following officials are eligible for official gratis visa:
– Administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions accredited to Nepal and sitting Honorary Consuls/Consul Generals of Nepal;
– Advisors and experts working in Nepal under an official agreement with the Government of Nepal;
– UN officials and Laisses passers holders;
– Officials working in the international /regional organizations located in Nepal;
– Persons visiting Nepal to attend meeting, conference etc. at the invitation of the Government of Nepal, other Government owned bodies, UNO, Regional Organizationss and their subsidiary organizations; and
– Official passport holders visiting Nepal for particular official business.

For more information on visa and other related matters, please contact:
The Embassy of Nepal
976 Francis Baard Street
Arcadia, Pretoria 0083
Tel: (+27) 01234 27546, Fax: 01234 23619,


Department of Immigration
Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.
Tel : 977 – 01 – 4429659 / 4429660 4438862 / 4438868
Fax : 977 – 01 – 4433935/ 4433934